"Anyone who has struggled with food and weight issues
will find this book invaluable."

— Stephen G. Galston, M.D., Highland Park Hospital Eating Disorder Unit

10 Reasons Why You'll ...NEVER...Start Another Diet on Monday

  • Diets Don't Work. You'll probably gain it all back - and more!

  • Diets Cost $$$. Spend $$$ on yourself instead of special foods.

  • Diets Are Unhealthy. Diets and yo-yoing can cause sever health problems.

  • Diets Are Boring. There are many topics for talk besides fat grams and calories.

  • Diets Don't Deal With Feelings. They keep you from dealing with life.

  • Diets Reinforce Denial and Deprivation. There are no "bad" foods.

  • Diets Steal Your Time. Reclaim lost hours for more meaningful life experiences.

  • Diets Rob Energy. Restrictive eating can deprive you of fuel needed for energy.

  • Diets Can Become Eating Disorders. Like anorexia and bulimia.

  • Diets Never Bring Self Love and Inner Peace. Focus on self, not weight.


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Janice Alpert
, M.A. L.C.P.C., a licensed therapist, has developed a unique approach to permanently conquer emotional overeating and has made it easy for you to learn how! To order her book, please see the instructions on the order form page.

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