"This is a very important shift —
this focus on yourself rather than food and everyone else in your life."

Ask the Author (Questions and Answers)

I know that I eat for emotional reasons. How can I get more in touch with my feelings?

    You have to go under the assumption that there has been some triggering event that has caused you to feel something... anger, hurt, loneliness. When you get this urge to eat, you need to write down the following things: the time, place, who you're with and what happened in the last five hours that left you feeling uncomfortable. Then ask yourself how you're feeling right now and how will eating really help. As you journal, you should get more in touch with what kinds of feelings trigger your urge to overeat.

I really love food and I hate feeling so denied and deprived when I diet. What should I do?

    Stop Dieting! Instead, include the foods that you love in reasonable portions. Let go of all the taboo labels you've put on "bad foods" (i.e., cookies, chips, etc.), and realize that if these are eaten in reasonable portions, your weight will be fine. Food is a pleasurable part of life and should be enjoyed. No one really enjoys eating 10 donuts. If you include all the foods that you love as well as taking care of your emotional needs, both your palette and your soul should feel satisfied.

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